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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vinegar! The Benefits Are Endless


Oh, the sound is enough to turn my stomach. I don't like vinegar and therefore, HAD very little around the house until recently. Notice I said, "had" until I ran out of dishwashing soap one day, couldn't get out, and guess what was under the kitchen sink?

If you're old enough, you remember the days that dishwashing soap made dishes "squeaky clean." Yes, they squeaked. It meant that it was taking the grease off of your glasses, plates, silverware, etc. I haven't heard squeaking dishes for years.

I do now. Pour a good cup of it in your dishwater and see/hear the difference. In fact, I don't even purchase dishwashing soap any longer.

I won't write out the complete usage of white vinegar, but you can visit: 1001 Uses for Vinegar and read them all. And with vinegar about $2.69/gallon at the grocery, it's economical and easily stored. With so many uses, and edible as well, it could be a great future item to have.

But what if I only have Apple Cider Vinegar? I've washed dishes with this one also and it did just as well. Different smell, but it did the job.

Not only can it be used for various cleaning projects, but the medicinal value is endless. From dealing with arthritis to wart removal, it's well worth reading. Here is one website to get you started.

If you can't drink it (like me), there are capsules out on the market that can be easily swallowed (research them first for the best brand). 

Apple Cider Vinegar is also used with goats, who are happy to drink it straight! It helps prevent arthritis, and keeps the males from acquiring stones in their urine (it does not dissolve the stone if they already have them - call a Veterinarian immediately for that). 

There was a reason our grandparents kept more than their share of vinegar in the house. And if they were like mine, they made a large batch each year in the cellar. 

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