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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alkaline and Your Health Benefits!

Lately I've begun to remember and dissect my grandparents' health. What can I take from it? And what made their health journey appear so much easier?

They didn't go to doctors because they couldn't afford it. They didn't have yearly check-ups, pregnancy vitamins while having babies during the Depression, preventative medicines (even my diabetic great-grandfather), dental visits, etc.

Yet, they didn't suffer from osteoporosis, they had their teeth (or most) until their death, my great-grandfather controlled his diabetes without insulin, they didn't purchase toothpaste...let me tell you, my mind is reeling big time. And no, life wasn't easier back then - they worked the fields from morning until evening.

Luckily, I can remember a lot of stories and instances from those days. I wasn't allowed to talk much, so I watched. And what I have discovered is alkaline. I just didn't know it was called that at the time.

Their diets consisted mostly of alkaline food stuffs. Granted, they used sugar, but not that much. It didn't reign supreme the way our diets do today. (Yes, they could afford it; they just didn't use it). They didn't use fast food (yes, it was out there). Kool-aid was rarely on the list (at least in our house). No, they weren't vegan, as some suggest.

I have read many articles on alkaline diets and the one listed below is probably the easiest reading. Created by a gourmet executive chef (who loves all foods), he writes his formula in a manner that can quickly be understood by all. 

Have a quick read this morning and contemplate the possibilities! There really was a benefit to those boring meat-potatoes-vegetable meals...and snacks!

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