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Monday, March 4, 2013

Canned Food With Long Shelf Lives

My grandmother Bannister-Patton had a small basement in her house. It was a source of absolute entertainment to my brother and I because my parents didn't have one. And you got it, we weren't supposed to be down there. 

On the rare occasion that we did sneak down there, what I noticed were the cans that were semi-hidden behind all the junk down there. I suppose I didn't care at the time. To me they were "canned junk" and we were busy looking at all the family things that had been stored away.

But looking back, I realize that they were storing for "just in case". It was cool down there and a perfect place for additional cans meant for leaner times. And believe me, she went through leaner times more on than off.

I'm sure that she didn't care about the expiration dates, and if truly hungry, we wouldn't either. But this thread is going to be about items you can purchase from the grocery to store over a longer period of time

If stored in a non-compromising condition (non-dented can) in the coolest conditions you have, these items can last quite a long time (they will be updated as research continues). The date on the bottom of the cans state:

Boneless Canned Ham
Yams - about 2 years
Most Fruits - about 2 years
Garbanzo Beans in Can - about 3 years
Chunk Chicken Breast - 3 years
Pink Salmon - about 3 - 5 years
Chunk Chicken Breast - 3 years
Morrison's Field Peas and Snaps (legumes & green beans - about 5 years)

If you discover a can that you've purchased with a long shelf life, please feel free to add to post it in the comments below.

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