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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Don't You Hate Soap Slivers? Until Now!

Come on! 

You know you have some of these. Or you have had in the past. 

My grandparents were born in the latter 1800s and by 1906. They all went through the Great Depression (yes, it's one of those stories). NOTHING, Nada, zero went to waste and even a soap sliver was prized at times. 

My grandmother Bannister/Patton also made lye soap and HOW I wish I had learned her recipe. But she stopped making soap and I wasn't the time.

I've always believed that if you had hot water and a bar of soap (not necessarily the oily varieties), you could clean anything and I was right. Hand/bath soap is some of the most harshest soaps out there. 

But holding onto those little slivers are sometimes a pain, aren't they? So how can you use them all up?

Save the mesh bags from when you purchase oranges or grapefruits. Buy a bag of oranges if you don't normally purchase them - they're an excellent form of vitamin C.

Place all your soap slivers in them and tie the other end of the bag up. Make a loose knot if you wish to reuse the bag. Now - you're ready to go. From here, you can:

  • Wash your hands and have the added benefit of a soft scratcher
  • Place it in warm/hot water and wash dishes when you don't have dish soap. You can lift it out by the bag tie and not have to deal with slimy soap pieces
  • Use it when you need a booster in a dish/pan or bucket of soapy water
  • Wash stains from clothing and have a mini scrub-board from the meshed bag
  • On warm days, hang it outside to dry out
  • Take it camping or backpacking - you can use the soap and hang it up to dry
  • Hang it out in the barn for washing your hands - keep out of range of livestock
  • Farming? Take one out on the tractor with you. They come in handy.

You're getting the idea. 

If you want a booster for your laundry, take an non-oily variety (oil varieties are Olay, Caress, etc) and shave some slivers in your wash. (This doesn't work in cold water).

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  1. Added note: Have just one small sliver? Throw it in the toilet for the day while you go off to work. Let it work for you!