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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where's That Old Pot?

My grandmothers always had an array (and too many) old pots - plastic or ceramic. 

Every winter I saw them piled up and stuffed in corners. They were dirty, and covered in cobwebs and leaves. I wanted so much to throw them away.

And every Spring, they miraculously appeared, somewhat cleaned up and once again serving a function. My mother didn't use old pots, so I never could figure out why my grandmothers did.

But it's now 2013 and it's time to address "alternative planting." Yes! What's the good of it?

  • You can now mini-farm on an apartment veranda or patio
  • Raised above the ground, it's easier on the back
  • Easier to weed
  • If it's not doing as well in one spot, you can move them to another
  • Use up a variety of containers you may have around the house (don't think it has to be labeled "planting pot" in order to utilize it - it just has to drain)
  • Take more control about what you eat and how it is produced

If you're interested in container growing, below is list of URLs you may find valuable:

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