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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Decorating For The Solitary Christmas.

As a child, and even as a young adult, I didn't understand why my grandmothers, or other elderly people, didn't decorate for Christmas. Generally, they made the excuse that they didn't want to get "all that stuff out". But as I have grown and my life has gone down a similar path, I understand now why they didn't. 

Christmas decorating, in the traditional sense, can bring an overwhelming sense of loneliness, disconnection, and a myriad of other emotions when you're sitting by yourself. And who wants to feel like ET every single year? No one. 

Yet, there is this desire within most of us to end the year with some type of tradition or we long to decorate "like others are doing." However, looking at an empty Christmas Tree is not where it's at.

One of my grandmothers spent December sewing anything made out of flannel. Though they were usually pajamas, the kitchen was filled with scraps of every bright color and pattern you could think of. No other time of the year would she embark on such a color filled project and every item was hung around the kitchen for display. It was like walking through a child's coloring book.  

My other grandmother brought out items for the Little People (faeries) and spent December decorating for them. Items would be repainted; new items were created. And as they didn't have a timed theme to them, most often they stayed out until Spring began to blossom. With age, she eventually just left them out all year long!

Do you have to decorate like everyone else? No. But if you have a desire to do something that helps you fit in, try choosing a tradition that makes it special for you. It doesn't have to be like everyone else's possessions. From candles to nutcrackers, tiny lights behind sheers, or furry critters to brightly colored cloth, discover something that will make you smile. You need not defend your choice of holiday decor to anyone.

Me? I like the Old World Santas that look like wizards. And following my grandmother Alyce's tradition, I decorate for the faeries. The small Yule log will go on the coffee table this year and though it has green, white, and red on it, the colors stand for other reasons besides the season. You can decorate yours with any type of decoration or color you desire.

Decorate the house, a window, or decorate the table only, it's up to you. You belong.


  1. This is a really worthwhile project you're doing here Cheryl. Well done.

  2. Thank you so much, Robbie :) We all a lot of wisdom from life to share and this one I started some time ago. Recently, I felt like working on it again passing along a few ideas that might help.

  3. Really makes you stop and think. Even though I like looking at the decorations, when I was alone when I decorated, it did not feel like the holidays.