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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Feeding The Slop Bucket

Looking back at some of my happier childhood memories, I have to be tickled that one of them was my grandmother's slop bucket. 

Being raised more with my Belgian grandmother's ideals, the image of a slop bucket in our kitchen was not on the hit list. Even as children, the mere mention of having this useful container around (whether inside or outside) brought looks of horror and disgust from my mother.

For those who may have not grown up with this magical bucket, it holds all the useful ingredients guaranteed to make your garden smile without tremendous cost. Vegetable water with its vitamins no longer has to be poured down the drain. Peels, and most leftovers do not have to be wasted at the local dump yard. Placed in the slop bucket (or the big leftover bowl to the right), a person can now pour a myriad of nutrients back into the ground for the earth to utilize. If that location is your present garden (or particularly next year's garden), you have a pot of gold at your disposal. If it can go into the compost heap, you're ready to go!

Do you have to spend a great amount of money with this possession? No. As you can see, the galvanized pail worked on grandma's kitchen floor and I use the big plastic leftover bowl ($1.50 at the local dollar store). If you need to, there are plastic contraptions out there with lids. The key is to dump it at least once or twice a day and then rinse the container out. It's that simple. 

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