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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Moving On Up - Electrical Outlets Made Simpler

Electrical outlets - we all know what they are as most of us were born in a time that utilized them. And then again, there are those of us that have lived or visited places that didn't have outlets in the room at all. I recall walking into my great-grandparents house only to turn on the lamp at the doorway for lighting. There were no electrical outlets in the parlor. 

It was not unusual when I was a child to walk into any house that was built in the early 1900s and find that when electrical outlets were eventually installed, they were placed half way up the wall. Somewhere in time, this changed to about two feet from the floor for what I view as aesthetic purposes. We hid them from view by location and furniture all for the sake of walls that were unbroken by fixtures and cords.

With age and wisdom comes the realization that the lack of cords showing does not create a happy life. Eventually, not having to crawl on injured knees and backs to wrestle with twisted cords, or hitting one's head on furniture makes for a happy life. And really, does it matter? There will always be those who wonder why your outlets are not on the floor but then, they're not crawling around fixing them for you.

(Michelle. "Moving On Up" Before + After, November 18, 2011. January 18, 2015.)

Lately, I've suddenly discovered more and more individuals who are returning to the practice of outlets up the walls for convenience sake. Companies have designed an array of decorative and creative plates that allow outlets to become pieces of art (or hidden altogether) as opposed to cold, stark squares.

For more information on moving your electrical outlets to a more convenient location, access for step by step instructions.

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