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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ancestral Scents - What Were Yours?

How many of you remember the specific scents that told you, this is Grandma's house?

And they were the same ones all the time - did you notice that?

Just for the fun of it today, write below at least one scent that you will always remember. What fragrance from Grandma's house could always make you smile? And have you ever thought of recreating that scent in your own home when times are challenging? 

For me, it was the smell of lye soap curing. She always made lye soap every year and used it washing clothes, bathing, for doing the dishes - everything! And she did not use essential oils to change the fragrance. It smelled like ordinary lye soap. 

There was a distinct smell of cooking and I think it had to have been something like celery salt and chicken bouillon - a lot of it. She used them in everything and we use them in nothing - perhaps that is why I recognized them.

And holidays or family gatherings? The overpowering smell of Turkey. It could knock a person out of the door - not to mention the heat of the old fashioned kitchen. Was it 200 or 300 degrees in that kitchen?

Simple memories. Write them down. Tell your children. It will give them a glimpse into the lives and personalities of their ancestors. 

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