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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Are You Ready For Rationing?

For those of you who are too young to have had a mother or grandmother live through a World War, you may not have heard of "Rationing." You will also may not have heard it spoken with such incredible disdain. 

Throughout every war in the United States, rationing has been documented. Doing without items we deem as common purchases was suddenly a privilege to buy. And why? Because everything of value went to the war effort first. 

My mother could tell you how she carefully sewed up runners in her nylons because she was only allowed to purchase one pair every so many months.

Sugar, dairy, flour, meat, clothing, gasoline, and other simple items were rationed by stamps in a booklet. If you didn't have any more stamps, guess what? You did without until your next booklet.

How did they stretch the food stuffs they did get to purchase? By creating recipes that could handle the scarcity. These are people who went through the Great Depression so they already had a sense of survival. And they didn't eat all day as we have grown to accept. A size 8-10 dress was common.

In the link below, you will discover a fantastic blog entitled, "The 1940's Experiment - Cooking Up Wartime Recipes to Save Money." There, you will find 150 recipes for stretching your family dollar and food budget.

Walk through the pages for nostalgia or perhaps take a lesson from the past. 

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