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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cooking For A Depression

I was fortunate enough to have a grandmother and great-grandmother living in the same house - not my house, but they lived together. I got the best of two generations in one.

Looking back, I know my grandmother probably hated the fact that I loved her Depression era cooking. I never saw her eat it; she only fixed it for me. I'm sure she'd had her fill of it - sort of like me and beef stew. (God have mercy. I hate beef stew).

However, the concept of cooking during the Great Depression should be something we tuck away and use if the situation arises.

Below is a link to Clara's YouTube Channel on Cooking through the Great Depression. Clare has now left us, but what a fantastic gift she left behind!

And for those who would love to jump right into a recipe of Twice Baked Potatoes (Clare says, "They're Not Fancy"), here you go!

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