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Friday, September 15, 2017

A City Girl's Guide to Bug Out Bags - Part 3 - Are you Homebound?

There is no reason you can not have a bug-out bag if your mobility is limited or you are homebound.

Whether you stay in your home, or have assistance leaving (in case of evacuation), it's important to have a pack ready so that you have your supplies in one place.

Choose a backpack of your choice and comfort. You may wish to have one with a softer feel to it, or one on wheels that you can pull, depending on your physical ability.

Reviewing Part 1, you don't want a heavy pack. What can you lift, pull or manipulate comfortably?

Once chosen, fill it with items by priority - food kits first. (See Part 1). Make it lightweight, nutritious and easy, as electricity may not be available for some time. If you're required to leave, you'll have food for at least a week.

We've all watched the latest hurricane victims and what they're going through obtaining basic living items. Remember, use items offered first by the community, and then use yours second. This will extend your survival.

Reviewing Part 2, we discussed clothing and what you should wear. I would not change it differently for those with special needs. Should you require socks for blood circulation, be sure to have a pair in your pack and wear them when needed.

Do you take medications? Keep additional supplies in your bag, rotating them as needed. You don't want outdated meds in your pack, if and when the time comes. Should additional meds not be a possibility to pack ahead of time, keep a backpack pocket empty just for them. You can collect and literally throw them in the empty pocket before leaving.

Each time you pack a few items that you believe you'll need, place it on a bathroom scale and check the weight. You really don't want a pack any more than about 10-12% of your body weight. And you'll reach that weight quite quickly! It truly is a lesson of need versus want.

All in all, you can still have a bug-out bag ready with all the items a person on the go would use. In fact, it would be highly recommended in case of mandatory evacuation. Grab and go!

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